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Technical specifications

  • Range: 43÷216 kW

HPS – Air-to-water heat pumps with Scroll compressors for the production of high temperature water

HPS is the HiRef range of air-to-water reversible heat pumps designed for operation in very cold climates. The employed compressors use steam injection technology: a light flow of refrigerant in a medium pressure vapour state is “injected” into the coils in the compression chamber. This system allows both a gain in cooling (and therefore heating) capacity and, above all, an extension of the operating range of the heat pump; this makes the HPS range capable of producing water as hot as 58 °C and operating with outdoor temperatures as low as -15 °C. All units in the HPS range are, as standard, “Low Noise”.

Product advantages

  • Optimization for climates as cold as -15 °C
  • Production of hot water up to 58 °C
  • Smart Defrost System
  • “Cold start” Smart kit