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Technical specifications

  • Range: 54 ÷ 432 kW

TPS – Air condensed chillers and heat pumps with scroll compressors

TPS is the HiRef range of air cooled liquid chillers with Scroll compressors Sizing and selection of individual components have focused on containing energy consumption, aiming to optimise energy savings not just for individual chillers but for the entire system. The unit is suitable for being installed in environments where noise abatement is fundamentally important. Available with. 2 compressors on two circuits, for high system redundancy, dual compressor (tandem) on single circuit for greater efficiency at partial load\4 compressors (dual tandem) on dual circuit, for a redundant system that is also efficient with low loads.

Available versions

  • Chiller
  • Free-Cooling chiller
  • Reversible heat pump

Product advantages

  • 3 Different soundproofing set-ups available
  • Maximum efficiency with partial loads
  • Available with R454B refrigerant charge (A2L) or in A2L Ready version
  • Available with R410A refrigerant