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Technical specifications

  • Range: 66÷303 kW

HRA – 100% outside air unit with rotary heat exchanger

HRA is HiRef’s new range of 100% outside air units with rotary heat exchangers. The components and their assembly were first and foremost selected and laid out for enhanced energy efficiency. HRA units, in fact, use BLDC modulating compressors, enthalpy wheel (heat – energy recovery wheel) and modulating dampers to reach the highest COPs and EERs under any operating mode. An advanced software conceived and designed by HiRef manages the unit and ensures the thermo-hygrometric conditions required in the spaces.

Available versions

  • Cool only
  • Reversible heat pump

Product advantages

  • Enthalpy recovery
  • Smart defrost system
  • Filtration: G4 and F7
  • Electronically commutated EC fans
  • Hydrophilic coated coils with wider fin pitch
  • Pre-cooling or pre-heating water heat exchangers on request