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Technical specifications

  • Range: 56 ÷ 169 kW

MHW – Water condensed liquid chillers with BLDC inverter Scroll compressors

MHW generation of HiRef water cooled liquid chillers are built using a combination of Scroll ON/OFF and inverter BLDC compressors. Internally developed control software ensures continuous modulation of cooling capacity, reduced inrush currents and the possibility of avoiding installation of thermal storage units for the plant. The control software integrated on the MHW range allows management of the cooling capacity, delivered by Scroll ON/OFF compressors combined with BLDC modulating compressors, according to a dual logic

Product advantages

  • Dual control of delivered cooling capacity
  • Load modulation
  • Noise reduction with HiBox
  • High performance at partial loads
  • Can be connected to Polymorph modules