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Technical specifications

  • Range: 307 ÷ 986 kW

TSL – Class A chillers and heat pumps air condensed with scroll compressors

TSL range chillers and heat pumps are air/water units in energy class A for both cooling and heating, available for use with R410A refrigerant or, in the “A2L” version, with low environmental impact R454B refrigerant. TSL range is designed to manage the conditioning of industrial plants and thermal loads in technological applications, where 24/7 reliability under all working conditions, one of the assets of these units, is a critically important requirement.

Available versions

  • Multi-purpose for 4-pipe system

Product advantages

  • Class A Heat pump
  • Tube bundle exchangers
  • High efficiency scroll compressors with direct start
  • 3 Different soundproofing set-ups available:
  • Available with R454B refrigerant charge or in A2L Ready version
  • Available with R410A refrigerant