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Technical specifications

  • Range: 50 ÷ 1310 kW

TSX – Air cooled liquid chillers with Scroll compressors

TSX is the HiRef range of air cooled liquid chillers with Scroll compressors. Three different versions (chiller, Free-Cooling chiller and reversible heat pump) and numerous models covering different power requirements make these units highly versatile and suited to a wide range of system contexts. Sizing and selection of individual components have focused on containing energy consumption, aiming to optimize energy savings not just on individual chillers but the entire system.Offers three different soundproof  systems.

Available versions

  • Cooling-only chiller
  • Free-Cooling chiller
  • Reversible heat pump

Product advantages

  • Multi-scroll solution
  • Electronically controlled expansion valves
  • Configurable refrigerating circuit
  • Integrated fan control
  • Integrated circulation pump control