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Technical specifications

  • Range: 69÷334 kW
  • Backward curved blade fans with EC motors and plastic impeller
  • Double Δ-shaped coil with large exchange surface
  • Fan speed modulation according to cooling demand (constant ΔT)
  • Fans are selected to maximize efficiency at low pressure conditions
  • Fan speed modulation according to airflow demand (constant Δp)
  • Double circuit version available stainless steel condensation drain pan
  • Rapid electrical connections
  • Height-adjustable legs

CDR High IT power density chilled water CRAC units with underfloor fans

CDRs are the brand new range of chilled-water air conditioners for high density computer rooms. In-depth fluid dynamic analysis has resulted in the meticulous design of every last constructive detail to minimize air pressure drops and, therefore, minimize fan power consumption, the only power input in the unit. The base module allows for wider air through-flow while the “E-Wing” profile separates the airflows coming from each fan. This reduces contact/impact between the two flows and, therefore, any possible fan air pressure drops . Using fans with electronic EC motors allows for precise, efficient air flow adjustment, while the higher power density (dual chilled-water coil) also makes the range suitable for applications which are more critical in terms of the heat loads to be dispersed.

The FCDR range is suitable for systems that make use of Free-Cooling. Ultra-low thermal approaches between chilled water and air increase the scope for using indirect Free-Cooling, with further reductions in system PUE levels and running costs.

Available versions

FDCR – Chilled water Suitable for Free-Cooling systems (81÷334 kW)
SDCR – Chilled water (69÷256 kW)

Product advantages

  • Reduced footprint
  • Efficiency and low-noise ventilation
  • “E-Wing” profile
  • Optimized filtering section
  • “Free-Fan” solution
  • High specific performance
  • FCDR version Suitable for Free-Cooling systems