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Technical specifications

  • Range: 6 ÷ 57 kW

HRCM is the latest generation of monoblock rack coolers for high density applications . Construction with the condensing section on board the machine considerably reduces installation costs as there are no refrigerating lines. The monoblock construction, which includes both the evaporating and condensing sections, ensures fast installation as no connecting refrigeration piping needs setting up on site. Installation costs are therefore reduced considerably. The range is also available in a version for low outdoor temperatures (-40 °C).

Available versions

  • HRCM -Direct Expansion monoblock rack cooler (6÷10 kW)
  • HRCC- Chilled water Rack cooler (20-57 kW)
  • HRCB- Rack+rack cooler turnkey solutions for high IT density facilities (6÷14 kW)

Product advantages

  • Monoblock construction
  • EC electronic ventilation
  • Evaporating coil treated with a hydrophilic coating
  • Hot gas by-pass to limit compressor staging at minimum loads
  • Easy to install