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Technical specifications

  • Range: 19 ÷ 275 kW

KSW P -High temperature water condensed multi-purpose heat pumps with scroll compressors

KSW P units are heat pumps for air conditioning and the production of high-temperature hot water; they are designed for both domestic and industrial use. They ensure production of hot water up to 80 °C, without using an electric (element) or gas booster. The key characteristic of the KSW P range is that it can manage, on the thermal source side, widely
differing thermal levels: these heat pumps can use ground water, usually available at 10-15°C, or even thermal by-products up to 45°C.

Available versions

  • Multi-purpose for 2-pipe system
  • Multi-purpose for 4-pipe system

Product advantages

  • More space in the heat station
  • Maximum efficiency at partial loads
  • Widely differing thermal levels on the thermal source side
  • Low Noise execution