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Air Sanitizing

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It is probably one of the most obvious and worrying issues worldwide nowadays -the quality of the air we breathe. There is much to be said regarding the level of pollution in big cities and smogs within colder seasons. To help prevent huge impact on the respiratory system, allergies and even more serious diseases we tend to spend more and more time indoors. But is it safe enough?

The need to sanitize air has consequently become a necessity if one wants to improve the quality of life and the safety in indoor environments.

What is Jonix?

JonixAir is an Italian company that gathers together the technical expertise of air treatment specialist with researchers in chemistry and biology. Motivated by the arising need to protect health they have started working on an innovative solution, that is considered today the safest process to sanitize and decompose pollutants.

Non-Thermal Plasma / NTP/ Technology

Air ionization is a natural phenomenon which occurs spontaneously whenever a molecule is subjected to the action of an energy process in which the total amount of energy is higher than that of the molecule itself. In practical terms, when we add energy to a molecule, the latter “pulls” an electron from the outermost part of the molecule and, as a result of the electrical imbalance, the molecule (atom) takes on the positive electrical charge. the reactivity of particles causes oxidation phenomena able to disaggregate volatile organic compounds, bacteria, microorganisms, odors.


  • Compatible with human presence
  • Do not generate harmful waste substances
  • Disinfects and decontaminates the air and surfaces
  • Various applications, including for environments with highest hygienic requirements
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • TUV, Biosafe, Ongreening Certified