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Pre-sales consulting and project design

Focused on the innovative, energy efficient and reliable high precision and industrial cooling system development, we provide customized solutions, designed to meet the specific requirements of each business and application.

Basic road map of pre-sales activities:

  • Understanding, gathering and analyzing business and technical requirements, pain points, and road-map
  • Collaborating with the customer, HVAC designers and suppliers to address the areas of concern and customize a complete solution concept.
  • Summarizing and analyzing the advantages and possible risks.
  • Translating the solution concept into an executable SOW (statement of work)

Project management and execution

On site delivery, installation works, commissioning and start up are crucial for total cooling solution implementation. Activities are performed by Initial Operations’ (IO) service team, supported by dedicated project managing team. In order to guarantee reliability and on time accomplishment, we invest in:

  • Experienced engineering team
  • High quality certified matterials,
  • Specialized proffesional tools and equipment
  • Follow best practices in terms of safety
  • Keep inline with national and EU regulations
  • Taking responsibility for the entire system performance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance ensure regular observations, identifying possible issues, before they occur. We are offering different approaches for prevention of critical situations and minimizing additional costs, based on the applications criticality, environmental conditions and customer requirements.

Main advantages of the preventive care:

  • Еnhanced reliability, by prevention of accidents and minimizing critical equipment downtime
  • OPEX reduction by maximizing efficiency, also in terms of energy consumption, throughout monitoring and controls of the system parameters
  • ROI optimization- maintenance activities extending equipment`s life cycle.
  • Reduction of additional cost for call outs and expensive repairs by 95%
  • Cutting cost for expert personnel within the company

Corrective Maintenance

Proactive preventive maintenance strategies have serious impact on the cooling systems reliability and uptime. Still , it is fair to admit, there is a small percentage of chance of unexpected equipment`s failures. The readiness, coordinated and best performed corrective activities are crucial.

Therefor we provide:

  • Availability 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed response time on call out
  • Responsible, high qualified service engineers on duty
  • Specialized tools, spare parts access ensure fast diagnostics and repair would be performed.