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HCB - Chillbatic

Technical specifications

  • Range: 407÷1309 kW

HCB – Air condensed with inverter driven screw compressors

HCB ChillBatic with adiabatic technology is designed for high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly processes. The low environmental impact is obtained thanks to new HFO refrigerants with low GWP (Global Warming Potential), whilst the high efficiency/footprint ratios are achieved with special V-shaped design of the finned coils and and their dimension. The Free-Cooling version, with heat exchangers twice bigger then the market average, provides high performance.

Available versions

  • Only cooling Chiller
  • Free Cooling Chiller with or without Glycol Free Kit

Product advantages

  • Adiabatic humidification system
  • Inverter-driven screw compressors
  • New heat exchange concept
  • New refrigerant: R1234ze
  • Modularity and efficiency
  • Silent and easy to access: HI-RAIL®