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Technical specifications

  • Range: 23 ÷ 309 kW

MHA – Air cooled liquid chillers with BLDC inverter Scroll compressors

MHA is the HiRef range of air cooled liquid chillers that uses a combination of Scroll ON/OFF compressors and modulating BLDC (Brushless DC-inverter) compressors. The excellent ‘configurability’ of the range in terms of refrigerating circuit, noise levels and available power ratings, together with the numerous accessories and options, make MHA chillers highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of system applications. The control software built into the MHA range lets users control the cooling capacity, delivered by Scroll ON/OFF compressors combined with modulating BLDC compressors, according to a dual logic: maximum power for fast achievement of set-point conditions and maximum efficiency to minimize running costs.

Available versions

  • Liquid chiller
  • Free-Cooling
  • Reversible heat pump

Product advantages

  • Dual control of delivered cooling capacity
  • Load modulation
  • Noise reduction
  • High performance at partial loads