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  • Master control: alarm reset and set-point change of all units from the master unit
  • Advanced control of units in LAN with full function range
  • Parameter backup control
  • Up to n. 3 configurable alarms
  • Up to n. 6 configurable digital outputs:
  • Specific humidity control
  • Enthalpy control on units with direct free-cooling
  • Centralised control of the ∆p on units in the group
  • Compatible with the main communication protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus/IP, BacNet, LonWorks, SNMP)

HiPro – Advanced microprocessor control for IT air conditioners

HiPro (Mini, XL and Touch) is an advanced range of control units for HiRef units designed for IT/industrial facilities cooling. The software – developed entirely by HiRef – extends the already-numerous HiEvo functions to allow control of the most complex systems and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers requirements.