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Technical specifications

  • Range: 13÷48 kW

The rack coolers in the HiRef NRCD range offer an ideal solution for the cooling of small-to-medium size Data Center racks where precision control of hydrothermal parameters is required 24/7. They are particularly suitable for small installations where a chiller cannot be used or where restrictions do not allow for the presence of water in the Data Center. Internal design and component selection focus on the achievement of very high energy efficiency levels to minimize the running costs of the entire system.

Available versions

  • NRCD- In-rack or In-row Direct expansion with remote condenser (13-48kW)
  • NRCV – In-rack or In-row Direct expansion with external motocondensing units (13-36kW)

Product advantages

  • Sensor Blower for Hot- Cold Aisle installation
  • Precise hydrothermal control
  • Evaporating coil treated with hydrophilic coating
  • High IT power density