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Technical specifications

  • Range: 10 ÷ 200 m3/h

PLM H/P/M/R – Hydronic modules for water cooled liquid chillers

HiRef Polymorph® modules provide a solution that “transforms” a water-cooled chiller into a more advanced system. Thanks to a hydronic circuit specially designed for the application and built-in software to control the different operating modes, any water-to-water chiller (even of a different brand) can also be used as: a reversible heat pump a total-recovery chiller a multipurpose heat pump for 2-pipe systems a multipurpose heat pump for 4-pipe systems an air conditioning system with Free-Cooling

Product advantages

  • PLMs act as controllers for the entire system
  • Compatibility with any water-to-water chiller
  • Suitable for any water-to-water chiller size